• "My son has been training with Integer for over 6 months and his overall strength & conditioning has vastly improved. The biggest change in him has been his daily routine & habits, such as being conscious of eating healthily, thinking about what he's done well, but more importantly how he could do better. The support he gets from the Integer team is second to none."

  • “Integer has had a big positive effect on our lives. From initially not knowing what to expect, it really is a huge leap of faith. But I can say that my son has truly benefited from his experiences with Simon. Improvements in his football and other parts of his life have been remarkable. It really is not easy for you or your child, and you have to give it time, but if you are truly committed, dedicated and honest; the results are there to be seen.”

  • “Both my sons are very lucky to have been accepted onto the Integer programme and we are very grateful to have this opportunity. As a teacher with 20 years experience in delivering physical education I have never seen anything to match it. My eldest son has been attending for over 4 years now and I don't believe his gains could have been achieved in any other coaching school or academy. My youngest son started last year and loves every minute of it. As their father I am delighted to see them not just grow as footballers but as individuals. Integer is years ahead of anything else I have come across and this is a very exciting programme to be a small part of. A massive ‘thank you’ to Simon and the Integer team.”

  • “My son has made phenomenal progress through Integer. There is nothing special about the training environment, however, what you will see is your child embracing wholeheartedly the methodology that is Integer. Simon and team work confidentially and fluently. They quickly obtain your child’s trust, who will in turn begin to think for themselves, rapidly gaining an immense skill set including mental and physical strength, organisation and a thirst for further knowledge. Most importantly, my son love’s it.”

  • “Myself to my husband at the start of the Integer journey; ‘Why are all these squats and journals so important? I just don't get it - this isn't going to help him with his football at all’. One year later the transformation is quite astonishing. I have watched my son on the pitch doing things I don't understand to be possible, doing helpful and thoughtful things at home that are unexpected and thinking daily. I am so proud to watch his swagger on the pitch, yet prouder still to see the encouragement he gives to his team mates or injured players. To answer my own question now on why squats and the other day to day Integer activities are so important would be simple; ‘Because actually they are a little bit magic”

  • “I cannot recommend the Integer team highly enough. My son has always been talented at football but average athletically. Since commencing work with Simon and the team, he has transformed into a player I couldn't dream of him becoming. His academy coaches now have to stop him during the bleep test as he could go forever! He has not only grown in physical stature but also mentally with the help of off-field mentoring with his living habits and diet. As a father I couldn't be prouder of the player/man my son is growing into. Thanks to the Integer team, my son now not only has the platform to become a world class player, but also the mind set of standing as a role model for all future athletes.”

  • “Since joining Integer my son's progress has been truly amazing. Not only has his football ability and understanding gone from strength to strength, equally he has gained self confidence and a positive outlook on life which has already proved invaluable. I cannot praise Simon and the Integer team enough. Thank you.”

  • “My 9 year old son has been with Simon and the team at Integer for the past year. During this time he has made huge improvements both on and off the football pitch. His effort during matches has increased tenfold, and this dramatically improved work ethic has resulted in some outstanding performances on the pitch. Simon works closely with each individual child and helps them to recognise their potential in all areas of life. Integer have given him the motivation he needs to excel both in and out of school. I feel this new found desire to succeed, is driving my son to reach a potential he may never have considered possible had he not joined Integer”

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